Fauziah Shah, MA, BCH, CPHI, CI
Board Certified Hypnotherapist (BCH, NGH, USA)
Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHt, USA)
Psychotherapist (IPP, Australia)

Related Qualifications:
Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor (CPHI, BHC, USA)
(5 PATH & 7th Path Trainer)
Interpersonal Psychotherapy (Australia)
EMDR/ EFT Therapist
Certified Instructor (CI, NGH, USA)
LCCH Certificate (UK)

Training in:

Health & Forensic Psychology
Trauma & Somatic Healing
Audiblox Mind Training
Learning Disorders
Energy Psychology

Contact Information:

19 Tanglin Road,
Tanglin Shopping Centre,
Singapore 247909

Phone: (65) 67345581 / (65) 9100 0432
Email: /


Client Services:

Fauziah has helped people overcome a range of issues from bad habits to anxiety and depression. The issues that Fauziah has helped resolve are:

  • Psychosomatic Pain as in Fibromyalgia
  • OCD & other Obsessions/ Compulsions
  • Procrastination & Time Management
  • Lack of Motivation & Zest for Life
  • Confidence & Self Esteem Issues
  • Fears, Phobias & Panic Attacks
  • Concentration & Lack of Focus
  • Behavioral/ Habitual Issues
  • Shyness & Social Anxiety
  • Memory & Performance
  • Stealing & Shoplifting
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Psychosomatic issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Negative Mindset
  • Anger Issues
  • Sleep Issues

If your issues are not listed above, please do not worry. It may be a good idea to consult Fauziah and she’ll be able to assess if she or any of her associates can help you.

Please call 67345581 or message/whatspp 91000432 or write to for more information about Fauziah’s services or training programs.

Fauziah's Contributions: 


“You can have choices. You can decide to remain in harmony amidst disharmony; you can be positive amidst chaos. Choose wisely!”
By Fauziah Shah